Weekend Update


This weekend started off with a baby hat knit Friday night. This is the Barley Hat by Tincanknits. Another fabulous pattern. Child – Adult sizes and best of all, it’s FREE! Most of this was knit up while watching Star Trek Into Darkness! Love that movie!




Saturday night was spent with friends and we all enjoyed a game of Star Munchkin. This is probably one of my favorite sets of the game. I especially love the Bananananafofaser and the other “lasers” that stack on it.


I started another new project. This will be a cowl. I’m not going to say much else because it is mostly a surprise.


And best of all…

The shower is DONE!!! Here’s a nice shot of it where you can actually see the tile and the door. I will say that I love taking showers in this shower. The rain shower head is fabulous and I’m loving that green more and more.  Now we will be focusing on the remaining drywall that needs to be put up.

Until next time…


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