Long Weekend

I love long weekends. I feel like you get enough time to do the things you NEED to do and enough time to laze about and do the things you WANT to do. This weekend was a perfect example. Saturday and Sunday morning were filled with more work on the shower in the bathroom. We got the tile grouted by Sunday afternoon and if all goes according to plan by Thursday this week I will be able to shower in my hosue once again!

Shower just after getting grouted. The hazyness is gone now that we have wiped it all away.

One of the things we wanted to do this weekend was take our close friends kayaking for the first time. They had never been and it was quite fun to introduce them to paddling. We rented kayaks from the local university and went up to a lake on the north side of Omaha.
Sunday afternoon was spent paddling around this lake. It was peaceful and the weather was simply perfect. The water was a bit choppy from the winds, but it died down after a bit. We saw several herons and even a bald eagle going fishing.

Also mixed in to things this weekend was homework. Lots of homework. I’m caught up I think and thankfully only have class one of two nights this week.

There was some knitting too, but that will be a post later this week.

Until next time…


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