Knitting Update


Since the remodeling started, the knitting has been slim to none. I get to work a few rows on socks at lunch during work, and a few rows on the Lush in the morning while reading the news. However, class the last few nights has allowed me to make some serious progress on the Lush cardigan.

The professor does everything via powerpoint and so I have the slides printed off so there is minimal writing required. There are times when I’m doing calculations and writing things down, but otherwise I can do stockinette and ribbing while still paying attention.


As of this morning I’m 1 inch into the ribbed edge on the body of the sweater. I’m debating on doing 2 inches or 3 inches of ribbing. I will see how it looks when I get to that point. I think I will weave in some ends between finishing the body and starting the sleeves. I have a dozen or more to do since I’m alternating skeins. I can’t wait for it to be finished. Hopefully when it does get done it isn’t 100F with crazy heat indexes!

Until next time..


2 thoughts on “Knitting Update

  1. I wish i had knitted more in college. I tried knitting in class only once in high school. My teacher didn’t tell me to put it away, but he gave me very strange looks during class.

  2. Classes just started for me, and I have only manged to knit before one, I don’t think many people knew what I was doing so that was fun. Gorgeous work on the cardigan, glad you are able to make progress.

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