WIP Friday – Socks and a Shower

Wow, this week has definitely sped by in a way that made blogging difficult. The bathroom remodel is progressing, though not as quickly as we hoped. Small problems have arisen and they have taken a bit of time to fix correctly. Most of them originated from things previous owners that didn’t do correctly “back in the day”. That being said, we are nearly ready to start tiling the shower. Shower pan will go in today and the backerboard for tiling will go up as well. Slow progress, but progress is being made!

As for the knitting, it’s also been equally slow. I’ve mostly done knitting at my lunch break at work and I have been working on a new sock called Blurred Lines. It is designed by Megan Williams. I’m loving it. It’s fairly easy to memorize once you get going and the effect the stitch pattern gives is pretty awesome.


This is being knit up out of Knit Picks Felici in the Marsh colorway.

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “WIP Friday – Socks and a Shower

  1. How great for you and the husband to see progress on the shower project with the move of the decor you painstakingly picked out to make it your own.
    Neat sock. The “blurred lines” are like how a zombie’s body is bumpy.

  2. Renovations always seem to have a few surprises. Glad you’ve been able to get past those and move on to the next step. Blurred Lines looks like a nice pattern to spice up self-striping socks.

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