Operation: Bathroom Remodel

For the last year or so we have been discussing redoing the bathroom in our house. It is the only bathroom we have and it just wasn’t quite what we wanted. We had a really cool cast iron tub that had a shower in it, a functioning toilet, and a decent vanity. We really wanted to do a separate walk-in shower that would be functional and easy to use for people that were not halflings (as my brother said). Up until a few weeks ago this seemed like one of those “pipe dream” type situations. You know the ones where it would be much easier to wave a magic wand and have it done exactly as you wanted?

Saturday we began demo.

This is the bathroom before. See our shower inside the tub combo there.

Here is a shot of the toilet and the sink area. The drawers had already been removed to another part of the house.



Here is a panorama of the bathroom at quitting time on Saturday. We had removed all the tile on the walls, the plaster and 15 layers of wall paper (house was built in 1918) and paint and an old closet that had been built in at somepoint in this bathroom’s history.


Here is a shot of the south wall from the entrance, past the door to the 2nd bedroom and our window.


Here is a shot from the window, past the tub, and over to the sink area. The toilet is still there functioning (thank goodness!).

We even ripped up the first layer (yes, FIRST) of flooring Saturday. Under there we know there is plywood, linolieum, more plywood, and finally some hardwood.  We are hoping the hardwood is in good enough condition that we may use it. We will see what happens.

This is our house project for the coming weeks. I hope it is done in a timely manner because I am resorting to baths (tub still functional!) and bumming showers off of friends.

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “Operation: Bathroom Remodel

  1. Wow, my house was built in 1918 too! We have one bathroom, but we can’t find a way to gracefully remodel. We hate the bathroom . . . It was redone in the 50’s and it is dated without being classy.

    Molly : )

    • Yeah this isn’t graceful at all. I’ve been walking across floor joices to use the restroom all week. Not dignified.

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