Mail Call

So last week or maybe it was the week before, I can’t quite remember, I contacted my friend Andrea via Facebook. She had these awesome spinning journal pages and tags available on her Etsy shop, Andrea in Blue.  I was in need of just tags for my spinning projects. Up until now I’ve just been writing things on paper and taping it around my skein. Not pretty at all. And every tag was different and contained different information. Just not a good system.

She told me she would work up a few designs based on some criteria I gave her (colors, information, etc) and get back with me. In just a few short days she sent me several mock ups of some tags. I picked out my faves and ordered them online! They arrived yesterday in the mail!

Aren’t they just awesome?  They have pretty backs, and they have spaces on the back to fill in all sorts of information!


I of course loved the text on them:  Spin yarn. Be happy.  Very good words for the spinner in your life. 


Here is the first one in use already! I plan to go through my hand spun stash and update all my tags to these now!

If you want your own, please visit her Etsy shop and get some! Use the coupon code ROCCO for 10% off your order! 

Until next time…


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