Weekend Recap



This weekend was filled with house projects and Lush knitting. Yup, that is honestly about it. I spent most of my knitting time working on the stockinette portion of the Lush cardigan. Alternating skeins does in fact make the knitting slower, but I’m trudging along. I believe I have about 6 more inches to go before doing the bottom edge.

Along the lines of house projects we spent Saturday chopping up tree limbs that needed trimmed and bundling them for pick up or cutting them into bits for the firepit.

During all of that excitement we also worked on finalizing the choices for our bathroom remodel that is coming up.  I discovered that the local tile shop we had been visiting was having a 20% off sale on some of the tile that we were intending on using. It made it quite a bit cheaper, so we finalized our choices and ordered the tile. It should be here later this week!


All I can think of right now is how anxious, yet excited I am to get this project going! It will be wonderful to have a nice walk in shower, and have a completely new look to our bathroom. We chose a marble for the wall behind our sink/toilet so that we have a nice accent wall.  The green subway tiles are going on the walls of the shower, and the marble hexes on the floor of the shower.  To tie it all together we went with a walnut stained bamboo hardwood flooring. The walls will be painted a lovely pewter grey.  We are hoping to keep all the existing baseboard and quarter round as well.

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