Hitting the Books


As I hinted in yesterday’s blog post there are some things changing for a bit in my life. Right now on the horizon is studying for and passing my PE (Professional Engineering) exam. This will get me my PE License when I pass!

I am taking an online course to help me prep for this big exam and it begins in 2 weeks! All of my books finally arrived at my house and studying will commence soon!

This will eat up two evenings a week for class followed by time for homework and practice exams. This will greatly impact my knitting and spinning time!

The exam is Oct 25th, the day before my 29th (for the 1st time) birthday. Please send good thoughts my way on that day.

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Hitting the Books

  1. Sending good studying vibes and luck toward your way. What does it mean to have a professional engineering license? Just so you can work in the field?

  2. Woo hoo! My husband passed the PE in April. His best piece of advice is to time how long it takes to solve problems.

    It was disgusting how many books he brought in with him.

    Molly : )

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