New KAL – NOT!


So I had this post wrote up about a new KAL I was taking part in for the Botany Shawl from Tincanknits’ Handmade in the UK. I was going to talk about the pattern, and the yarn I was using and how much fun it has been. However, shortly after these photos were taken I frogged the whole thing.

You see, I didn’t like the match up of yarn and pattern. While I love this 100% alpaca in this lovely natural grey color, it just wasn’t working for the pattern. I felt the stitches were too hidden for it. So off to the frog pond it went. No more KAL for me.


I’m not sure what I’ll knit with this yarn, but I had a couple Jared Flood patterns faved for it back in the day. Maybe sometime I’ll dig one of those patterns and use up this yarn.  As for the Botany Shawl, I don’t have another yarn in the stash that would make this pattern shine, so for now it will go back into the queue.

Sorry for the lack of blogging, I’ll have a post up in a few days explaining why it has died down and why it will probably be a bit slow for the coming months (it’s nothing major, but just some changes in my life.)

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “New KAL – NOT!

  1. Shame because it seems to be a nice shawl, but it’s better to frog than to work on something that it’s not of your satisfaction 🙂
    I’m working on another of Tin Can Knits’ items from that very same book.
    All the best

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