Weekend Recap



This was definitely a weekend filled with spinning. I took my wheel to my local coffee shop on Saturday morning and spun there while enjoying a pastry and a delicious cup of coffee. By the time I left I had finished the 1st 2 ozs of the fiber I had with me.



By Saturday night I had 2 full bobbins of Cloudlover Fibers in 50/50 merino/silk in the Tesla Coil colorway. I have to say I have never spun anything with this much silk and it was a dream to spin. Super soft, and wanted to spin very fine.



Sunday I plied.  I plied up the whole 4 oz before heading out and doing some much needed yardwork.


Sunday night I wound off my finished spinning. It still needs a washing, but it came out to be about 256 yards at 18 wpi with some thick spots here and there. It is roughly a sport weight.

I’m not sure what I want to make with this. I’m thinking a lovely cowl would really make this yarn shine.

Hope you had a good weekend!

Until next time…



7 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

    • Oh boy! Yeah my nerdy side wanted the Tesla Coil. I have never tried Squoosh. Guess I will check them out now!

  1. I’ve never taken my wheel out in public by myself. When I spin in public it’s always with a large group of other crafters. You’re brave. I bet lots of people stopped over to look and ask questions.

  2. That is some beautiful handspun. How cool you can just carry your wheel down to the coffee shop. What a fun sight you must’ve been. If a child was there, she wouldn’t be able to stay away.

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