Friday Fitness

So what has been going on in my life with all the fitness goals I had planned for the year?  Well, I haven’t been running. I have been biking though. Which is probably the most surprising thing about this year’s fitness. I set off in January to get to running more and to complete a few 5ks and maybe even train for a 10k. Yet instead I find myself spending quite a few hours on the weekend riding my bike.

I am signed up to ride in the Omaha Corporate Cycling Challenge in August.  I intend on doing the 25 mile ride. I decided on that distance because right now I can do 15-18 miles fairly easily and so 25 would be a good challenge for me. I just need to start training now.

I think doing long rides on the weekend (15 – 20 miles) and shorter rides once or twice during the week (say 10 miles) will be a good place to start. Then start increasing those rides a mile or two for the next few weeks. I have about 4 weeks to do this. I know it is possible. I just need to do it. Getting the rides in during the work week has proven to be challenging. Always stuff to do in the evenings it seems.

Until next time…


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