Weekend Update



Lately blogging has been lax and I think this may be how the summer is handled. This weekend Saturday was gloomy, wet and cool. We test rode some road bikes Saturday morning before the weather went to complete crap. We grabbed Thai that night with some friends which was uber delicious.

Sunday morning came and the weather couldn’t have been better. Upper 60s, hardly any wind and sunshine galore. We had purchased bikes on Saturday and decided we would take them out for a spin. We did a short 3.5 mile ride in the morning and another 5.6 mile ride in the evening. Both were glorious.


This was taken on ride #2 of the day. Standing Bear Lake in Omaha. Very lovely weather for riding.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Road bikes are fantastic!

    I bike into work a few days a week, and it is way nicer than driving in.

    Molly : )

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