3 Days of Weekend


There is nothing like a long weekend.  I can use one day to get stuff done and 2 days to hang out. Granted the weather being nicer would have been a bonus, but that’s okay. I still managed to accomplish quite a bit.

I finished the Daybreak. This means blocking and weaving in ends. It will get a proper photo shoot this week.


Our passports came in the mail. This was rather exciting and we joked that now we can go on foreign exploits!


There was a lot of napping. Both by us and Rocco. The weather was dreary most of the weekend.


I also finished a dishcloth. These make for quick and easy projects, plus I’m trying to knit through my dishcloth cotton stash.


Not photographed are the 3 projects I cleaned off the needles because I was done working on them. I had no desire to finish them so they were frogged. I also finished the knitting on my husband’s scarf, but it still needs a wash and a block.

In the spirit of cleaning things up I figured it was time to cast on something new. I dug out my Madelinetosh Merino Light that I had been saving for a Color Affection Shawl and cast on.


The first color was Parchment.


Then I came to the first stripey section. The 2nd color is Amber Trinket and this photo doesn’t do the color justice. It is more golden than brown.



Soon I was to adding the 3rd color, Tart, and beginning the short rows. They are moving along, but getting longer and longer and longer.  I would say I finished Monday night with about 1/3 of them done. Overall I’m loving this shawl and I can’t wait until it’s finished.

Somewhere in there my husband and I also did a 11.4 mile bike ride. Him on his mountain bike and me on a loaner road bike. I think that was the perfect distance. Long enough to feel like you did something but not too long.  I can walk today. That’s an improvement upon the last bike ride. I think we try to over do it sometimes. However, the road bike had to go back to its home. I think we will be doing some shopping in the coming weeks.

Hope you all had a good holiday weekend if you were in the US.

Until next time…



2 thoughts on “3 Days of Weekend

  1. We had a long weekend in the UK too! We actually had sun for once. I like the Daybreak, I’ve done two of them and they are such useful shawls to have as they just sit nicely on the shoulders. I will probably end up doing another one someday as they are such fun to knit. Funnily enough I also did 2 Color Affection shawls too! I like your colour choices. The combination is lovely.

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