For the last year or so I have been using this Beginner’s Yoga DVD. I have to say I love the 2 workouts on here. They are both about 20 min long. One is good for morning energizing and the other for evening relaxing. Lately though I have been wanting something a bit more challenging or at least different.

Last night at Target I picked up this DVD. There are 4 workouts on it. One for lower body strength, an energizing and flexibility one, a breathing one and an 11 minute core workout.

This morning I got up and tried the energizing workout. It was about 20 min long like what I am used to but most of the poses were new to me. The new ones I definitely couldn’t quite do. The video did go quicker than I expected in the beginning, but eventually slowed down to a nice pace. I have to say despite not being able to do some of it, I still feel very energized.


Hoping to try out the other 3 over the next week or so! We’ll see how it goes!

Until next time…




One thought on “Yoga

  1. This post makes me laugh b/c I remember trying out a prenatal yoga DVD and boy did my butt and thighs hurt the next day as I didn’t realize squats were part of yoga.

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