Missing: Knitting Mojo



Last seen:  Working on several projects

Description:  Loves knitting needles, yarn and things that are shiny

If seen please report to me.  Could be highly addictive.


Yup that has been how the last few weeks have been. I have tried several things to get it back. Spinning. Knitting other projects. Casting on new projects. Nothing seems to be inspiring me. Where is the next great thing?

I decided to cast on a sock. New sock yarn and new sock needles. That HAS to be the cure for the lack of mojo right?  Wrong.



This is the toe of Brigid’s Sock. This is a really cool free pattern on Ravelry. I liked the pattern but when I realized the sock was going to be too big I frogged it.

Saturday morning we went hiking at a local state park. It was great to be outside. You could see spring is just starting to heat up here. There were buds on trees and green things trying to pop up. Rocco also loved being outdoors and in nature.


When I got home I looked at the yarn and decided I needed a pattern that was more naturey. I thumbed through some books and decided Cookie A. could possibly get my knitting mojo back, so I cast on her pattern Elm. This seems to be working with the yarn much better and seems to be holding my interest. Her patterns require quite a bit of thinking to read through. In this case I’m making the leg short since I do not have a ton of yardage in the yarn I chose.


I’m about another inch into the pattern than this picture shows. I think it might be working.

Until next time…



4 thoughts on “Missing: Knitting Mojo

  1. very funny post written at the top…caught my attention on the reader. your projects all look really nice, but I can totally relate to losing the “mojo” as I had just lost it myself. I have it back now and steaming full ahead -heather

  2. Glad your mojo has returned. Elm is a very pretty pattern. The extended winter was causing me to lose interest in knitting and spinning. Now that sunshine and spring have returned I’m much more motivated.

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