Not all spinning


So the last few posts have been mainly just me spinning. I have to say that is where the inspiration has been lately. However, Saturday my husband and I did our usual Saturday morning routine and grabbed coffee and rolls at our local coffee shop, Legends Coffee & Comics. I highly recommend the Caramel Delight, or the Tony Stark coffee drinks. This is when we enjoy each other’s company, talk about weekend plans and do a bit of reading or knitting.

My socks live in my purse. They are always handy if I am stuck waiting somewhere. This makes them slow knitting, but that is okay with me. Saturday I pulled out the sock in progress and started the toe.


Saturday afternoon I had a finished sock! This is the first in the pair and the mate is already past the cuff. The yarn is Socks that Rock Lightweight in Mr. Green Jeans. Love, love, love this yarn. Probably my all time favorite sock yarn.


Besides the sock, the Trillian is trucking along nicely. It is bright, and colorful, and a good spring knit.

Until next time…


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