Weekend Spinning


This weekend was rather productive both in spinning and yardwork. I finished spinning the singles from the Shadawyn Fiber Arts braid I mentioned last week. I’m really eager to get this chain plied and off the wheel. My plan is to get my tax stuff together and get those done tonight and then reward myself with some spinning time. I have been putting off taxes far too long this year and they NEED to get done! Tax day is NEXT WEEK!


Since I was done with the singles I felt it was time to pull something new from the fiber stash out. This is a braid of superwash BFL. The colorway is named Misfit! The First Draft on Etsy has some amazing colorways and her fiber prep is amazing also. This is super squishy and soft. I have it all prepped to do a 2-ply with this.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Weekend Spinning

  1. Both sets of fiber are gorgeous. I am a big fan of BFL, but haven’t ever used a super wash version. Do you find it slippery at all? Can’t wait to see the plied yarn. Best of luck on your taxes!

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