Finally. The weather is moving from winter to SPRING! This week I have gotten out the hammock and let it air out a bit and spent some time relaxing and reading a book. Hammock time is how I love to spend afternoons after work.

In addition to the hammock being brought out of the shed, I brought my wheel out into the sun as well for some much needed “porch spinning”. There is nothing that beats sitting and spinning while listening to the sounds of spring. Birds chirping, dog barking and just enjoying the warm sunshine.


I spun for about an hour last night on a braid of fiber from Shadawyn Fiber Arts. I have about an ounce left to spin of this braid. The intent is to Navajo ply the single when I have finished spinning it.

I have to say my friend Shells was right, spinning does wonders when you are in a knitting funk.

Until next time…


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