On and Off the Needles


Let’s face it. I’ve been in a knitting slump the last few weeks. Nothing on the needles wanted to be finished and nothing struck my fancy when looking to cast something new on. This made knitting very unexciting for me. I just decided to trudge along on the Daybreak and hope that it magically finished itself while I slept. I did get to the edging before I left town for Easter holiday, but I didn’t take it with me. I figured I wouldn’t get much knitting time on this trip because we were bringing a 2nd car home with us.  That really limits the car knitting! I was right too. I think I knit about 1/2 inch on the sock in my purse and that was it for the whole weekend.

I got back into town and the last few days knit a few rows each night on the edge of the Daybreak. It was bound off earlier this week.  It still needs a washing, blocking and ends woven in.


Let’s be honest here. I don’t love it. I’m not even sure I like it. It was part of a KAL and I enjoyed the conversations surrounding that, but the finished product is just not singing to me. I will wear it to the retreat it was knit for this summer and likely give it away while I’m there. I think someone should have the pleasure of enjoying it if I will not.

In light of that finished, or nearly finished object, I went in search of something to get me out of the knitting funk.  I browsed the queue, checked the stash, browsed Ravelry, etc. NOT A THING screamed “KNIT ME!”

Finally I was rifling through the stash once again and stumbled upon this lovely skein I had tucked in a corner of  bin. You may remember this from earlier blog posts regarding pooling. I frogged it last summer and recaked the yarn and there it sat. It screamed bright, fun, and summery. Something I wish would show up in our weather forecast!


I went to knit night at Whole Foods last night and brought it along. I decided it needed to be a Trillian. The colors would really pop with the garter stitch and the edging wouldn’t be lost in the varigated colorway.  I borrowed the coffee scale at Whole Foods to weight it before I began!


Here is the progress so far. It is slowly working me out of my knitting funk. Tonight however, I will be spending some time with my wheel. It has been far too long.

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “On and Off the Needles

  1. Oh I just finished a Trillian and I loved the pattern. Your orange yarn is fabulous! And I can’t wait to see it’s development into a gorgeous shawl 🙂

  2. The Daybreak is earthy, like a camouflaging shawl for a maiden to wear upon her shoulders while having to trek through the dark forest.
    This Trillian will be sunny and uplifting from thsi beginning of spring funky weather.

  3. I have knit Daybreak twice and love it. It’s my “go to” shawl as it just reaches my elbows. I knit it in 3ply so it is a lighter weight and I used long colour striping yarn which livens it up a lot. I will probably end up knitting another Daybreak at some point too! The Trillian looks as though it’s going to be lovely when it’s finished.

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