Long time, no blogging!


Wow, my last blog post was on March 10th! I swear I haven’t drifted off into the blogosphere to never to return.  Real life and work just took priority for the last few weeks.  I didn’t stop knitting or spinning entirely during that time, but it definitely was on the back burner. 

In the evenings when I wasn’t completely exahusted from work, I chose to knit on my Daybreak.  I’m doing this as an informal knit along with a few internet friends. I think I am bringing up the rear as everyone else has finished theirs.


I was intending on knitting the large size, but I am getting really bored with the long purl rows and relatively uninteresting knitting techniques. I plan to just do the medium size now. It seems that it will be plenty large at that size.  Just a few more stripes of color to go before doing the edging!

On the weekends when I was more relaxed I took the time to sit at the wheel. I pulled out some of my Shadawyn Fiber Arts that I bought back in November.  This is the Aberforth colorway which was part of the Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix Club.


It is 100% superfine merino.  I have to say I’m loving the way this is spinning up. I had previously spun up some 100% merino, but hated the results. This fiber is not felted and spinning like a dream. I’m shooting for doing it all in one long single, and making it into a 3-ply using the chain plying technique.



The singles are spinning up quite fine.  I am just pulling off chunks of fiber and spinning it that way. No rhyme or reason. I did long strips at the beginning and have gone to smaller strips that I pre-draft into small birds’ nests and spin.  The colors are short, so it is making for some interesting colors. I can’t wait to ply this up! I have about 1/3 of the braid left to spin and if I stick with my 15-30 min an evening spinning this week it should be ready for plying fairly soon!

Until next time…


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