Weekend Spinning

I have to say that this weekend has been rather delightful and productive. It started off with some spring cleaning. First up was the closer and dressers. I have been needing to go through clothes for some time now and I made it happen!

Eight bags of clothes between us to go to Goodwill! The closet looks bare! Next up will be sorting through the shoes.

As a reward to myself for getting that task done and starting a mountain of laundry, I sat down at the wheel for a bit. I finished off the Crazy Pill batt from Fiber Addiction!


I ended with a 2-ply sport/DK weight yarn. It is about 59 yards! It still needs a bath bit right now it is so soft and squishy.

Since I had obviously been bitten by the spinning bug I grabbed out a 4 oz. braid from Shadawyn Fiber Arts. This was the Harry Potter club from November in the Aberforth colorway.

I am spinning this up superfine and planning a navajo plied yarn. The superfine merino is spinning super easy and super fine!

Until next time…


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