Month ‘O Socks?


So every year, for the last couple at least, I participate in Shell’s Month ‘O Socks. Sometimes it is a month long and sometimes it is longer. All depends really on how those participating feel. Last year it went for 2 months! During this time folks are encouraged to knit socks, or even just knit with sock weight yarn for the whole month.

This year I have been lurking during MOS. I say lurking because I haven’t posted any updates and really don’t have anything all that interesting to report. This month or so has been really busy at work with a project my group is doing that will wrap up later this month. Long days abound right now for me. I do get some knitting at lunch which is like an oasis in a desert of work.


Yesterday I turned the heel on this sock at lunch. I swear turning a heel is the best magic trick ever because suddenly your tube of knitting starts to look like a sock. I’m already nearly done with the gusset on this sock, but haven’t taken an updated photo of it. It’s been living in my purse getting worked on here and there the last week.

The green yarn is making me long for spring. I think that is why this is seeing so much action and nothing else on the needles really has.  This pattern is the “Gentleman’s Fancy Sock” from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I took the leg pattern and then used my usual heel flap, and gusset.  The yarn is Mr. Green Jeans in Socks That Rock Lightweight. By far, one of my most favorite yarns ever.

Perhaps I will have a finished sock next week. Until next time..


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