Adventures in Bentos Pt. 2


This is an old post. I have had this one sitting in my queue on WordPress for over a week at this point. Last week I did a sandwich Bento attempt. This one included meat, cheese and 2 whole wheat rolls. I have to say it doesn’t look like much but filled me up at lunch time!

This way my sandwich didn’t get soggy sitting in the fridge all morning!

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Bentos Pt. 2

  1. So YOU are to blame for my lunch revolution! I knew I’d read somewhere about someone doing the Bento style lunches, I forgot who, though! I’m exploring them and trying to ditch the horrid frozen lunches loaded with more sodium than food and leave you hungry an hour later! THANK you!

    • Google, Just Bento. That blog has TONS of Bento recipes and ideas! I’m really just trying it out and am learning planning ahead is the key.

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