FO: Howlcat


I have to say it has been awhile since I have had 2 finished objects in a week. It was apparently the week for wrapping up some projects! Today’s featured project is the Howlcat! I have to say this was a fun knit. The yarn was delicious and the project made for a good car trip project.

The dark purple yarn is MadelineTosh Merino DK. It’s a single ply yarn that is dyed in the colorway Iris. It was a gift from a friend for Christmas. As soon as I laid hands on it I knew that it would pair well with my skein of MadelineTosh Merino Light in Blue Gingham which is the lighter color used in this project.


I love that you can wear it as a hat or a cowl! It is quite a fun accessory. I have been using it as a cowl this week with the cold wind we have had the last few days and the double layer really keeps the drafts off my neck!

Until next time…


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