FO: Zuzu’s Petals


Typically on Wednesdays I post at WIP that I have on the needles. Strangely enough I only have a sock and a sweater on the needles but haven’t taken photos of either, so today you get a Finished Object!

This is my Zuzu’s Petals cowl that I started earlier in the month with a skein of handspun that I finished in January! I have to say having never knit with handspun before this was quite a treat. I really loved the bouncy, squishy, soft feeling of this BFL while I was knitting it up. The colors came out perfectly.


This pattern was a delight to knit. It solves all those little problems that I have with small shawlettes like the tying of the ends to keep it on your shoulders, figuring out the best way to wear it and show off the lace, etc. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quick knit for a special skein of yarn.

Until next time…



5 thoughts on “FO: Zuzu’s Petals

  1. Gorgeous! I’ve had that pattern favourited for ages waiting for the right skein of yarn to come along. Your FO makes me want to step up the search.

  2. This was on my project list for the year but got postponed. It might need to make it’s way back…

  3. Looks great! Shows off the beautiful handspun perfectly!

  4. Fantastic outcome!

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