Mail Bag


So this last week I had a great mail day! It came the day that we got a foot of snow here in Omaha. This package was from Fiber Addiction on Esty. She was having a birthday sale the week before and I purchased some mini batts to try out spinning from a batt. I figured for learning a new technique I should start small!

Since it was her birthday she then had drawings going on for folks that purchased stuff from her shop that week. I ended up winning the spinning drawing and the overall drawing! I hardly ever win anything so this was a really awesome surprise.

She sent me 2 wool batts of 2.75 oz each, a green and purple (merino, corriedale, firestar & angelina) batt, some stitch markers and some small packets of firestar if I should ever blend my own batts. It was a great package to open up.

I decided since I had that spinning fail the day before that I would pick out one of the new mini batts and toss it on the wheel.


So I grabbed out this little pink and teal mini batt that has some sparkly stuff in it. I have to say this would not have been my usual color choice but I had decided to go with some things outside my comfort zone on this order. I split it down the middle so I could do a 2-ply and started spinning away.


I just love how it was going on the wheel. It’s spinning up quite nicely and I”m loving the batt process. I’m just spinning it from the batt like I spin from a braid of fiber. I have the first half done already and hope to get the 2nd half done and plied this week.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Mail Bag

  1. Nice! I much prefer batts actually, even though they are very different in feel from commercial top. The spinning with those looks great!

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