Handspun Anticipation

Today’s WIP post is about my newest project on the needles. The pattern is called Zuzu’s Petals. It’s a shawl/cowl thing.  A few folks I know are doing an unofficial KAL of this particular pattern so I decided I would join it. It also seemed to fit my recent finished handspun perfectly.


I decided to wind up my Hello Yarn in the Burnished coloway. It is BFL spun up into a 2-ply fingering to DK weight. (There are some bulky places in there too). I just loved the gentle color changes this fiber produced in the finished yarn.

Winding it up was a bit of an interesting process really. I discovered my niddy noddy is abotu 2 – 4 inches too long for my skein winder. So I had to drape the skein over the back of a chair and carefully wind it off that way. Tedious but totally worth it.


I cast on immediately and began knitting. Having never knit with handspun before this is quite a treat. There will be more of this in the future (knitting with handspun that is!) I’m much farther along than the above picture depicts but it is in an odd place to photograph, so you will just have to imagine I am halfway through the lace portion 🙂

The texutre the handspun creates in this pattern is just lovely. The BFL is super squishy and soft as well. In fact I loved this yarn so much I purchased some more BFL this week from another indie dyer, The First Draft. She had this Pink/Grey braid that was screaming at me. Not my usual colors but I’ve found spinning has forced me out of my “comfort zone” of usual color schemes.

Until next time…


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