Nearing Completion


This weekend I dedicated my Saturday morning to getting my quilt pieced together. I cut the batting and pinnded everything together. Then I started the lengthy task of sewing around the whole thing!


It didn’t take as long as I thought it would and soon I was all done. Then I turned it right sides out and “poof” there was a nearly finished quilt.  I then pressed the seams so that when I started my top stitching it would help keep things flat.


I opted for a “fun” top stitch and did some zigging and zagging. I have to say it went quite quick.


The final step is to sew buttons on about every 9 inches to help hold the top to the back since I am not going to be quilting it the traditional way. I picked up these buttons in fun colors to match the backing at Jo-Ann’s. I still have quite a few to sew on but it will be done this week!


I can’t wait for it to be finished! I have missed this blanket all winter long! I can tell you that it will be quite warm!

Until next time…


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