FO: Tiny Things


Having never knit a baby sweater before, this was a fun experience. It went ridiculously quick and served as some instant gratification knitting. I cast this on a few weeks ago and worked on it here and there. This is the Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down.

It is a pretty basic raglan cardigan . You knit from the top down then do the sleeves and finally the button band. I knit this up in Berroco Vintage. This was a great yarn. It is soft, and I’m certain it will wash up beautifully. (Of course I didn’t swatch!)


I chose some adorable zebra buttons from Jo-Anns to adorn this sweater. I will toss it in the next load of laundry and then package it up to ship to the frozen north (aka Canada)! I hope it will be well loved!

Until next time…



3 thoughts on “FO: Tiny Things

  1. The sweater is adorable and sure to be loved. Zebra buttons are so cute.

  2. The buttons are TOO adorable!!

  3. OMGosh…this cardi is fantastic! The zebra buttons are too adorable.

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