Ahh My Abs


Today’s post will be about my fitness goals I have started for 2013. I really just wanted to get some more workouts in continue the running and all around do less sitting on the couch.  Monday I joined the LiveWell Challenge at work.  You get on a team of 3-9 people and for the next 4 weeks you track your weight, workouts, food, water, etc. You can do as much tracking as you want or as little. You just need a weigh in at the beginning and then again at the end. You do have to log some sort of activity on 21 of the 28 days. That means 7 freebies!

Monday I busted out my yoga ball and workout dvd that I purchased around Christmas. I decided on the back and abs workout and dove in. Let’s just leave it at “what happens at yoga ball workout, stays at yoga ball workout.” The dog was laughing at me I am sure.

Tuesday I opted to skip the yoga ball because I was still feeling the ab workout quite a bit. I went for the stationary recumbant bike at our house. I did 3 miles in 15 minutes while catching up on some Castle on Hulu. 


Wednesday was my favorite workout of the week so far. The weather was nice, the sun was shining and I managed to get a Personal Record running last night! I did 2.5 miles (longest so far) in 30 minutes! I was proud of myself.  I tracked this on my RunKeeper app while doing the 4th mission of Zombies, Run! Love those apps.

I’m hoping the rest of the week turns out just as well. I love mixing up the workouts. I think tonight might be a yoga stretching night. My abs and leg muscles are still screaming at me!

Until next time…


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