WIP: Patience is a Virtue?


This week I started on the journey to process my very own alpaca fleece. This fleece was a giveaway at a knit night for my local knitting guild. It came from a good source and so I snatched it up when I knew I’d be getting a wheel.  I thought it would be a fun task to work on.

Monday night I grabbed out 4 oz of what was labeled “Neck” from the big bag of alpaca fluff. I split it into two piles and put each in a mesh laundry bag. I took them upstairs and drew them a nice hot bath. I squirted some Dawn dishsoap in there too. Who knew Dawn will clean the dirtiest of pots and pans and also alpaca?  They soaked in there for about 10 min and I let the water drain out and drew another hot bath. I have to say the gunk in the bottom of the tub after the first soaking was gross. A lot of dust and dirt (alpacas like to roll in the dust) but not much else came off.


Once the 2nd bath and soaking was comeplete I gently squeezed out some of the excess water and put a metal rack across the tub and let them drip overnight.  The next morning I transferred them down to the basement to the clothes drying rack and took them out of their mesh enclosures. What I found is a big mass of what appears to be a soaking wet Wookie.

See the resemblence?

I have the urge to mess with it. Really badly mess with it. I want to fluff it out and pick at it and poke at it. Shells has assured me that this is a bad idea and I just need to leave it alone for a few days.  So every now and then I will go check it out. As of this morning it was almost dry.


So I guess I just wait. Patiently.

Until next time.


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