WIP Wednesday: Christmas Spinning


The last week or so my spinning mojo has returned. I just wasn’t all that inspired and was more interested in my Christmas Knitting.  I have worked long and hard all weekend and finished up 40z of singles! This is Hello Yarn’s BFL Top in the colorway “Burnished” which was the January 2012 club colorway. I won this in a drawing on Ravelry.


This morning I woke up before the alarm and decided to put the extra time to good use (I decided against working out) and chose to start plying up the singles! I’m loving how the colors are mostly lining up as I’m plying! This bobbin is filling up fast too! I’ve got the sinking feeling that I’m going to have to break it up. We’ll see as I go on.


As I’m plying I’ve been considering my next spinning endeavor. Here are my top two. Please leave your pick of what I should spin next in the comments.

Option 1:  Merino/Silk batt from Flyingmule Fibers

Option 2: My November Order of the Phoenix Club Shipment from Shadawyn FiberArts in the Aberforth Colorway

Until next time…


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