Random Acts of Kindness!


Tuesdays have become known in the knitting community as Random Act of Pattern (RAP) day. This was started by Knitpurlgurl (may she rest in peace).  It has started to take the shape of other Random Acts of ___ days! Last week I was Random Act of Bagged! RABed!

This lovely bag was sent to me via Susan B. of GirlCave Bags on Etsy and Megan W. of the Stockinette Zombies.  It is a cute wedge shaped bag in a lovely holiday print! It is housing my Christmas knitting as we speak!


In order to show how large of a bag this is, I put it on my head! See it fits my WHOLE head! (Also can double as a quick costume when needed!)


So watch out on Tuesday’s in the event you are gifted a pattern or something else!

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness!

  1. What a festive and fun bag! Lucky!
    I saw two police officers at the mall yesterday; I wished each a happy holidays and thanked them for their service.

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