Weekeed Success


This weekend was filled with spinning and related activities. First up was the plying of the purple corriedale I had on the wheel! I have to say I really filled that bobbin! Maybe a bulky flyer is in my future!


In order to properly finish my yarn I needed a niddy noddy to wind it off my bobbin and get it washed! I had purchased PVC parts earlier in the week from Menard’s and whipped this up! It might get painted later on, but for now it is just plain!


The finished yarn is beautiful! I’m not sure what to make with it. I have about 224 yards of a heavy fingering to a light worsted weight. I really need to get a WIP tool so I can properly measure. I think it would be a great hat!

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Weekeed Success

  1. I vote for leaving the Niddy Noddy the way it is. PVC NNs are great because you can leave your skein on the NN when you give it it’s final bath which is nice if you have a really kinky skein!

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