Thanksgiving Knitting

I have to say the previous 3 weeks my knitting mojo has been next to nothing. Hardly anything was getting worked on, let alone finished! I guess I just needed a holiday to relax and get tht mojo back. First up I decided I needed a bag for my spinning wheel notions (oil, orfice hook, etc). I found a really neat little ditty bag on Ravelry and cast on. This is the pre-felting shot.


It is knit up in Cascade 220 scraps I had. I have now sent it through my wash 4 times and it doesn’t look a whole lot different. I hate front loaders for that reason. I’m going to toss it in a pillowcase with a tennis ball next. It WILL get felted!

Saturday I met up with a friend I knew online and now know in real life! It was a blast. We had tea, then did some LYS shopping, and then I had my frist ever Runza! That was quite the experience. I’d eat it again. While at Runza we sat and knit for a couple hours. I finished a sock! That is the first in a pair. She also finished a sock at Runza!


The next item on the list was the first sock in my pair of Nutkins! It got finished Sunday morning while watching Ocean’s 11 or 12. I can’t remember which. Both have their mates on the needles already!

In the midst of all this knitting my husband mentioned he wanted a scarf. So we found a pattern and I purchased some yarn for it at the LYS. I had a partial ball left from a previous project so I cast him on a hat. I’d been wanting to knit Windschief for some time and this was the opportunity! I was so glad when I finished this late on Saturday evening. He loved it and immediately started wearing it. I will have to steal it back so I can wash it!


I can’t believe all the knitting I accomplished this weekend! I’m hoping the other projects finish themselves this quickly in the coming weeks!


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Knitting

  1. It’s so cute how your hubbie appreciates your knitty work.
    Wow, how cool to be eatin’ a yummy lookin’ sammie and be there long enough to knit a whole sock! Awesome ways to spend the day with a good friend.

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