Of course when you buy a new toy you have to buy some accessories for it right? That’s the rules. The first accessory I didn’t really buy but instead, knit, for my wheel. It’s the stripey bag I showed you yesterday in my post. I’m still trying to get it to felt smaller. Or really felt at all. Felting is picky I’ve decided. It will get tossed in yet another wash cycle of the laundry.


When I got my wheel I also purchased the lazy kate for the Ladybug that fits on the main part of the wheel. You have to thread the  metal rods through some pre-drilled holes to get it set up. My holes however were a bit small for the rods. The instructions came with a drill bit just in case this happened. I finally sat down and drilled them out and installed the kate! This is good timing as I’m about done with the 2nd half of my purple corriedale fiber. Plying will commence later on this weekend.

The wheel had drawn quite a bit of chatter at Thanksgiving with family this weekend. Folks were really curious in how it works, and what you do, and why would you want to spin your own yarn. Another curious creature was Rocco. He really hasn’t taken much interest in the wheel since its arrival but due to the large number of people in the house he was lacking in places to nap.


At one point on Thanksgiving day, he just curled up for a nap right by the wheel and put his head on the treadle. He stayed there for a good 15 minutes or so while I was treadling. Going up, and down, and up again. Strange dog.

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Accessories

  1. I find that adding an old flip flop or pair of jeans/towel to the wash really helps with felting. You want maximum agitation to felt well. I am jealous of the spinning wheel. I can’t wait to see what you create with it.

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