Tuesday Spinning


I can say that I’m slightly addicted to the spinning. This is about 1.5 oz of fiber spun up so far. I’ve been doing a little bit in the morning and a little bit in the evening. Not as much as I want because I’m trying to clean the house and get things ready for Thanksgiving this week, so the spinning is having to sit idle for a bit.


Some of you commented and asked where the ladybug was on my wheel. Here she is! Near the right hand handle behind the wheel. So cute!

I have learned that oiling is critical for a new wheel and that I need to oil it everytime I sit down to spin. I was having a noise that I couldn’t figure out and turns out I just didn’t use enough oil.  It is now spinning relatively quiet! Now I need to make a felted spinning stuff holder for the wheel so I can keep my orfice hook and oil closer at hand.

Until next time!



3 thoughts on “Tuesday Spinning

  1. Glad the noise is gone! So excited for you and your ladybug!!!! YAY!!

  2. I love that purple yarn you are making.

  3. And I thought the ladybug part was the red wheel part :O). Much to learn about spinning wheels I have.

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