Meet Ella


This is Ella. She’s a Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel.

I made the trek down to the Yarn Barn in Lawrence, KS on Friday to try out some different wheels to see what I wanted.  I tried this one, a Sidekick, a Lendrum and a Louet. The Sidekick was okay. It spun great, but I didn’t like the wheel between my knees. The Lendrum was nice as well, but I felt like it wasn’t as solid or had a wide base. I have a big dog that likes to run around the house and felt it might be too easily knocked over by him. The Louet spun really well also, but it just didn’t sing to me. I spun on the Ladybug for about 30 min and we just connected.

Love at first sight? Maybe love at first spin? In any case, it was the one for me and the one within the budget I had. I’m loving it so far and have spun on it everyday. This ladybug was the last one they had in stock and also came with the wooden bobbins. They now ship with the plastic travel bobbins. I did elect to go with the built in kate, but have to drill the holes a bit bigger for it this week. Ryan will help me out with that.

I purchased 80z of Superwash Merino that is undyed and 40z of a dyed corriedale. I’d never spun corriedale before and I’m loving it. It is what I chose to spin first on the wheel.

I’m sure you will be seeing many spinning posts for awhile.


6 thoughts on “Meet Ella

  1. She’s a beauty! I, of course, went the other direction and came home with the Sidekick but the Bug was a close second! Hope the two of you have a long and happy relationship!

  2. I almost bought a Ladybug a few weeks ago. I ended up going with the Lendrum instead, but it was thisclose. And really, I would have been happy with either one.

    Where is the little random ladybug on your frame?

  3. Ooh O.O! Ho’omaka’i on your new purchase; she’s lovely! I love how you tried out different wheels in person and got to see how each one worked for you. That is a super smart shoppin.

  4. Lovely wheel, and congrats! I’m so glad you found one that sang to you. Also, that purple corriedale makes me want some. Stunning vibrant color!

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