A Tale of Two Socks





Wow, I can’t remember a time that this happened before. I have 2 different pairs of socks on the needles. I suppose this is what happens when you really don’t want to work on all the other projects you have going.

The fist sock is my Nutkin sock out of Plymouth Happy Feet yarn. This one is top down. I opted to not do the cuff, heel or toe from the pattern and just use the stitch pattern. Loving how it is knitting up. The sock is biasing a little but I don’t mind too much.



The next sock I’m working on I cast on Saturday morning before hitting the road to head to Manhattan, KS. This is new yarn I got recently and I’m loving it! The yarn is Knit Picks Felici in the Minty colorway. These are toe up with my generic vanilla sock (k3,p1).  I opted to try out one of Wendy Johnson’s toe up heels for this pair. This is her slip stitch heel pattern. Loved how it came out. Looks very similar to my top down slip stitch heels.

The only downside with this yarn is that I noticed it was bleeding color onto my hands while I’m knitting. I think when I wash them I will toss a color catcher in with them.


I think I will finish the Minty sock sometime this week because I’m using it to procrastinate working on my sweater, shawl, or anything else really. I guess sometimes we need instant gratification projects.


3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Socks

  1. I didn’t notice any bleeding when I used Felici, although mine was mainly lighter colors. It’s just so soft! And I, too, and a devotee of Wendy’s slip stitch toe-up heel. It just fits my foot so well.

  2. They are both beautiful!! Love the colors. I must say, though, that if a sock is “instant gratification” for you, I must be knitting too slow.

    Actually, I’m sure that’s true. =)

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