Happy 28th Birthday to Me!

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Yay! Another year has been added to my life total. I can honestly say so far this day has been just the same as any other. Nothing too exciting planned either. I might go out to dinner with my husband but that is about it.

I should have planned a party or some gathering but by the time I remembered I should do that, it was already mid-week and I know most folks already have their weekends planned, so I decided against it.

I did learn this morning while scraping frost off the car that I really could use some actual mittens or gloves that fully cover my fingers. I might visit the LYS tonight and find a skein of yarn to make that for myself. I’m thinking of the Knotty gloves or some colorwork mittens.

In any case, I hope everyone enjoys their day today. Do something nice for someone else, smile or give someone a hug for me. Pass on the kindness.


4 thoughts on “Happy 28th Birthday to Me!

  1. Wow. I wish I was 28 again. Except for having to re go through the stuff going on in my life then. On second thought, I’ll stick with where I am.

    Happy Birthday! Hope it’s an awesome one, and that they keep getting better!

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