Weekend Knitting

This weekend I’ve been really working on some old projects. I decided to finish up another square for my Leftovers afghan I’ve started last year.

These blocks are 13 inches square! Huge! I’m planning on doing about 15 of them. This is block #4! yes, I have some more knitting a head of me!

Since I was outside in this glorious weather we are having I decided the Featherweight needed some better photos than ones I took inside with my cell phone.

Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig in Malabrigo Lace Paris Nights Colorway
Edging detail

On top of some of the knitting I’ve been doing. Shells has been posting non-stop about her spinning which got me in the mood for some as well! So I busted out the spindles and have been spinning mainly on the SweetGeorgia Merino (blue) but have done a few minutes on the laceweight spindle with the Merino/Silk/Bamboo blend.

SweetGeorgia Merino

I’m hoping to get the SweetGeorgia done today or this week and get it plied up! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

That’s all for the weekend update!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Knitting

  1. I have great admiration for those who can achieve anything “on purpose” with a drop spindle! It’s how I learned to spin but I never did so with much success until I started on the wheel! Your singles look lovely!

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