FO Parade


Today I finally have the time to post some Finished Objects from the last few weeks. First up is this lovely pair of Monkey Socks by Cookie A. These are knit up in Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in the Golden Glow colorway. Loved how they turned out and they are super comfy on the feet (yup, they have already been worn). I finished these up last week!


For the Harry Potter House Cup we were to knit or crochet some sort of food, or food cozy. I went with the classic Apple Cozy. I take apples to work for snacking and I have to say this has helped protect them a bit more.


Another washcloth. Need I say more? The collection in the bathroom is growing.


So nothing too exciting to report this week so if you want to see some more exciting FOs, head on over to Tamis!


9 thoughts on “FO Parade

    • I honestly don’t remember. I believe it was a k3, p1 on one row and knit all the stitches on the next. Alternate those two, but I will double check when I get home. I wrote it down somewhere.

  1. Ok I’ve got to ask. What is the purpose of an apple cozy? Does it keep it from being squashed in your lunch bag?

    • It helps to keep it from getting cold…. 🙂 JK no really it does cut down on the bruising they get from just getting knocked around.

      • Good to know. Makes a lot more sense now. I wonder if it would help other types of fruit. Bike commuting can be hard on fruit so I’m always looking for better ways to keep it in once piece.

  2. Great color for your Monkey socks. I have a couple of patterns for apple cozies but have never made one. I like the striping in your washcloth.

  3. My dishcloth pile always grows!! You can never have too many, I say. And I am totally agreeing with the comfy-ness of Knit Picks Stroll. I’m using it for 2 different projects right now and I LOVE it!

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