Lair progress

This weekend I finally set out to finish up some stuff in my Craft Lair. I had left it last weekend with everything painted, but still neeeded to install the hardware and start cleaning up! So Sunday I spent plenty of my afternoon drilling holes, screwing in handles and cleaning up dust (and SPIDERS!).

The spiders have made it halloween year round down there. I see some spider spray in my near future.


This is my new workbench for sewing and for computing. The sewing machine will go on the left with all my sewing supplies in the drawers and the computer on the right side. Being 8ft long it should give me ample space to work on things!


I then started sorting through the stash. The ENTIRE stash is right there. Skeins of yarn neatly in rubbermaid shoe sized boxes and fiber in one of the bins. Another bin contains old projects that need to be frogged and the yarn reclaimed and another contains some leftover acrylic that I use for baby knits. 

After that photo was taken I organized some basic office supplies and have started consolidating things and tossing things. I plan on putting my knitting books in there as well. I don’t have that many so they won’t take up very much space.

Just for perspective, here’s a shot of what this area looked like just a few months ago!


Until next time!


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