WIP Wednesday: Monkey Socks


This is where I was last night at about 9pm. 2 repeats from finishing the toe, or so I thought. I knit 2 more repeats and the sock was longer than it should have been. Measuring. It’s a good idea on socks.

I proceeded to rip back and remeasure. Sure enough I only needed 1 more repeat because I wasn’t wearing the sock properly when I took the photo. I knit on. I’m now about 8 rows from having the toe completely done! That will be another pair of socks added to the drawer!

I’m not sure what socks I will cast on next to be honest. I have some Vesper self-striping that I won in a contest a month ago that I might cast on, but the colors aren’t really speaking to me. I have a skein of STR mediumweight in the Rook-y colorway I could use too. Hmm … decisions.



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