HPHC Wrap Up September 2012


Yesterday the 30th, marked the end of the September Term of Harry Potter House Cup on Ravelry. I managed to work 3 of my dishcloths I’ve been knitting into classes as a pair of mitts and a matching cowl!

This month I’m hoping to get to 50% on my Dark and Stormy Cardigan, knit 5 more dishcloths for Quidditch, knit an apple cozy for quidditch (THIS WEEK!) and get my Thermis (vacation yarn) knit up for a class this month. On top of all of that I proposed a Phoenix project in which I will need to knit up 3 of my Dicke Decke squares by mid-November!

It does seem like a ton, but most are smaller projects that won’t require very many hours!


One thought on “HPHC Wrap Up September 2012

  1. I should do a September wrap up post, too, shoudln’t I? This is my first term as a cupper so I am still learning all the tricks but so far, having lots of fun with it!

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