WIP Wednesday: Cable and Eyelet Cowl


I have to say this was not a project I had intended to knit. I finished the Portlander Mitts on Sunday (FO post coming on Friday!) and realized I still had 46g (173 yards) of this lovely MadTosh Sport left! The skein originally was an extra large one at 116g! How awesome is that! I had enough leftover to knit something else.

I’ve been mulling over the idea of knitting a cowl for running for a few weeks. If I go later in the eve or early morning it is a bit chilly now that it is fall.  I needed something to keep my neck warm while running. My neck always is cold and if it is cold, the rest of me is cold.


I did a bit of pattern hunting on Ravelry and came across the Cable and Eyelet Cowl pattern. This is similar to the Hermione’s Cable and Eyelet Hat and I knew this was the cowl. I immediately cast on Monday morning and this is where I am today. I will have enough yarn to do one more cable cross and then the edging making it just the perfect size.

For more WIPs, head on over to Tami’s!


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