Basement WIP



This was the view of my craft area on early Saturday morning. All that stuff in boxes, piles, etc was moved to the far side of the basement (right side of photo). The whole area was vacuumed and cleaned up.  There was a ton of spiders (dead!) and centipedes (also dead!). Gross.

The plan is to redo my area with some new shelves, a new workbench/sewing table/computer desk! Also there will be carpet and new lights! Hoping to make this a place I really want to spend time in instead of a place to pile things.

Sunday we spent the morning in Menards, Home Depot, and Lowe’s, looking at shelves, cabinets, countertops, and carpet! I cam home with these 2 shelving units and put them together.


Not sure this is how they will stay stacked, or if I will have them side by side.  The other cabinets for my workbench/sewing/computer table will get picked up later this week and painted. Also they will be getting some pretty spiffy hardware!

Hopefully this WIP will progress quickly and I can have a nice new area to hang out in!


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