This weekend besides finishing Basil, I also finished my Gemini Tee!  It was tough going for awhile while I slogged through quite a few inches of stockinette, but watching the Olympics made it seem a bit less boring.

I have elected to wear the lacey bit in front on this one. I just love the way it drapes and hangs.  The sleeve I did decrease for a few rounds to get them a bit smaller.  If I did this again I would cast on for smaller sleeves than the pattern calls for. They just seemed rather large for my tiny arms. I do like the finished look!

Pattern:  Gemini by Jane Richmond (free from Knitty!)

Needles: US4, 3.5 mm

Yarn: Knit Picks Cotlin in Robot, a little over 5 balls ~650-700 yards

Happy Tuesday!


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