FO Friday



Yes, I know technically he isn’t “finished” because he’s lacking eyes and a mouth, but for all intensive purposes he’s done!

I have to say the sewing on of the legs was super easy and not the least bit fiddly. Having never done a toy like this I was rather concerned looking at 4 legs that needed to be sewed on!


He was finished while watching the Women’s Gymnastics All-Around competition last night! It was such an enjoyable event to watch. I would have loved to see more of the other teams, like China, compete, but I guess NBC felt we should only watch Russia and the USA.

Once he has a mouth and eyes sewn on tonight he will be 100% complete and ready to turn in for Ravellenics!  He will then get to hang out in our house until next month when he will get to visit the Grand Canyon and then to his final destination in San Antonio!

I think I will more than likely begin another one since I have some more scraps that need to be used up!

For more FO’s please visit Tami’s!


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9 thoughts on “FO Friday

  1. Ha! “intensive purposes” – I love that! I’ve only ever heard “intents and purposes”, but that is such a cute twist on it 😀

    • I guess you are right it should be “intents and purposes”! I just said it quickly in my head and it comes out “intensive” hahah!

      • Oh this is the same dinosaur as yesterday. Sorry. I thought it was a different fellow.

        Plus,if you have Clyde you really need Bonnie or it’s just not right.

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