Today’s WIP is brought to you by the Ravelympics oops, Ravellenics on Ravelry! This year for the Olympics I decided I wanted to try my hand at a Rebbeca Danger pattern, specifically one of her new dinosaurs. I’m a sucker for cute dinos so this was perfect!

Meet Basil. He’s a Brontosaurus!


I managed to get the entire body knitted up on Saturday and Sunday while sitting on teh couch watching a myriad of sports play out on the world’s stage! I have to say that I’ve never watched so many sports in one weekend! The morning road races Saturday and Sunday were some of my most favorite to watch. I also have tried out the NBC iPad app a bit to watch some of the badmitton, kayaking, Equestrian, etc. It’s handy, but I think they should include a guide of some sort that describes the rules and goals of the sport being played. Like handball. No idea what the rules are. Looks like of like water polo without the water, but again I don’t know the rules or strategy for water polo either!


Monday and Tuesday night I watch Olympics and Swimming during the PrimeTime viewing on NBC. I have managed to knit up 2 of the 4 legs for Basil. Hoping to get 2 more done tonight. They go surprisingly quick. I have learned to weave in my ends as I go because they are rather hard to do afterwards.

While I’ve been enjoying the human Olympics, Rocco has taken to competing in a few of his own “doggie Olympics”. Sunday it was a couch napping marathon and Monday it was a ball throwing contest!


Here he is bringing his toy back for me to throw for the 1000th time!

I hope you have enjoyed my WIP Wednesday post! For more visit Tami’s!

Also I posted my first ever video review last night! I reviewed The First Draft on Etsy! Go check it out!


10 thoughts on “Basil

  1. That dinosaur is so cute! I see the little notebook ad quite often on Rav and if I could just think of a child to knit it for 🙂 Her patterns are so well-written and you’re right about weaving in the ends as you go. I’ve been watching a lot of the swimming and rowing too!

  2. A lot of folks seem to be knitting large stuffed animals these days. Must be the newest knitting fad. Mostly I’m seeing owls, though. This is the first dinosaur. I like the name you chose for him. Seems stuffy and not at all fierce. I can imagine him picking throught he ground cover that is supposed to be his dinner, turning up his nose at combining certain herbs. I also imagine a deep-throated bellow of pleasure coming from his throat as he discovers the pleasure of eating basil and proto-tomatoes together.

  3. The dinosaur and your dog are adorable. I ordered the book The big book of knitted monsters by Rebecca Danger. I can’t wait to receive it so I can start knitting some amigurumi.

  4. Oh, that dinosaur is going to be amazing! (And yes, with toys, weaving in ends as you go can often be really important! The openings can get so teeny by the end!)

  5. Basil looks great in the color stripes you’ve chosen. I’ve finished two toys for the Ravellenics Toy Toss and might have time for one more. I love watching the Olympics and the extra knitting time that results. Rocco is very handsome.

  6. I love basil! The colours you’ve chosen are gorgeous together. He’s on my list of things to knit and my husband’s asked for him specifically. 🙂 Rocco is so cute!

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